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209 West 40th, 5th Floor, NYC 10018


Funkadelic Studios runs on a simple philosophy:  the musicians are the priority.

Funkadelic Studios has provided musicians an affordable home to rehearse, record, and reinvent their music for over 20 years.  Two musician friends in Brooklyn started the studio as a way to connect with the NYC music scene and provide a place where musicians can do what they do best – make music.  No matter how rich, poor, established, or underground an artist might be, Funkadelic provides all the services musicians need under one roof.  The six Rs are essential for any artist and Funkadelic has them all covered:  rehearsal rooms, recording studio, repair shop, rentals, retail shop, and a rock & roll club.


Multi-national touring artists have rehearsed at the same rehearsal rooms as young musicians writing their first few songs; first electric guitar owners take their guitars to be repaired by techs who repair professionals’ gear; acts recording their first demos record in the same studio used on popular recordings in various media outlets.  This sense of community and artist support is what gravitates many artists towards Funkadelic Studios.


Beyond rehearsal and recording, Funkadelic provides other great outlets for artists to showcase their work.  Open Mic Nights, Open Jams, Event Showcases, EP/Album Release Parties, and Talent Competitions are only a few of an extensive list of services we provide musicians to help network and promote their art.  We take the extra step to help the music community keep in contact with their fans, other musicians, and industry professionals.  Funkadelic Studios understands that music isn’t just about a group of songs or compositions, it is about people: people who write the music, people who help with the technical aspects, and people who listen to it.


For a full list of services, please refer to the list on the top of the website.

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